What are wood pellets?

pfi-raw-pellets-1Wood pellet fuel is a renewable, clean burning and cost stable home heating alternative. It is a biomass product made of renewable, recycled wood waste, i.e. sawdust. The wood waste is compressed in to pencil-sized rods that are of uniform size, shape, moisture, density, and energy content. Wood pellets are carbon neutral, because they made with sustainably harvested wood, and they emit less carbon than a decomposing tree. There are approximately 1,000,000 homes in the United States using wood pellets for heat.

The average homeowner burns about three tons of wood pellets per heating season. At an average retail price of $225/ton, pellets offer a fuel cost per million BTU of $18.18.  To offer a fuel cost of $18.18 per million BTU, # 2 fuel oil and propane would have to be priced at $1.76/gal and $1.33/gal, respectively.

Wood pellets can be purchased two ways. The most common of which is to purchase 40 pound bags by the bag or by the ton. Pellets purchased this way can be picked here at our showroom or we can deliver them to your home. The second and newest way to buy pellets is in bulk (purchased and delivered by the ton). In a partnership with Energex, utilizing their Pellet Express delivery truck, we are able to blow pellets in to one ton sacks or a hopper at your home.

Benefits of wood pellets


  • One ton of wood pellets has the energy equivalency of 2.8 barrels of #2 fuel oil. (Energy Information Administration)
  • Pellet stoves have extremely low particulate emissions due to their high burn efficiency and the density of the fuel (<1 gm/hr). (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Every ton of pellets used vs. oil reduces CO2 emissions by about 1.5 tons.  Total emissions offset this year will be nearly 4.5 million tons of CO2.
  • Wood pellets have a fossil energy ratio (net energy output/fossil energy used) of 12:1.   (Net Energy Value Study, University of Wisconsin Green Bay)

The brands we offer

Pennwood Home and Hearth will not sell just any wood pellet. We believe our customers deserve high quality, reliable fuel for their home heating needs. We test burn the pellets in different stoves and sometimes our personal stoves to make sure the pellets meet our high standards. Below is a list of the brands we are currently offering:

Fuel Cost Comparison

Please Note:
While Pennwood Home and Hearth does offer delivery of bagged wood pellets, there are limitations as to where we will place the pellets at your home. Here is the policy as quoted from our preseason mailer:
“We must be able to back up to the location of delivery or pellets will be dropped off at driveway. We will not carry any pellets to back or side of house or up or down steps.”